Location. Location. Location – that’s the mantra of real estate. And there’s a lot of thought behind this as well. However, there is the lure of lower prices in relatively lesser-developed locations. And for homebuyers, this creates a tug-of-war in their minds. If you’re in the same predicament, then here are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Pick a prime location & save money:
    Yes, the prices in a good location may be little higher, but these areas are close to important conveniences like hospitals, schools & colleges. Hence, you end up saving money in travelling.
  • Steady appreciation:
    A prime location always witnesses a steady appreciation as opposed to other, relatively lesser-known areas, where there is a lot of volatility in terms of price.
  • Safety:
    This one is simple; a prime location has better police cover and more public amenities. Hence, living here feels safer.
  • A matter of pride:
    Living in a powerful address can be a source of pride. If your home is close to a significant landmark or heritage site, it adds a lot of value to your real estate price as well.

So, there you go! The right thing to do is to always aim for a better & more established living destination.

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